Saleen Flickr Downloader

Saleen Flickr Downloader 1.0.013

Search for and download photos from Flickr


  • Apply star ratings and tags to images


  • Applies restrictions on the size of file you can download
  • A little awkard to install
  • Doesn't really save you time

Not good

Flickr has become something of an institution on the Internet, and there are thousands of people using it on a regular basis to store and share their photos online.
Even if you don't have a Flickr account you're still able to navigate the site and look at what other people have added. Sareen Flickr Downloader is designed to help you save images from Flickr in a more effective way.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really work and I found that downloading images was just as quick, if not quicker, using the good old fashioned right-click method.
The application is a bit of a pain to install because you can't choose where to install it, and once it's running it's still pretty cumbersome.
It acts like a web browser for Flickr, except instead of right-clicking to save an image you click the 'Save' button in Flickr Downloader. The image is then downloaded and displayed in a panel at the bottom of the interace.
But you can't do anything with it - just look at it. What's more, the application restricts you on what you can download by making you choose a filter for small, medium or large images.

On the plus side, the program allows you to add star ratings and tags to the images you pilfer from Flickr, making it easier for you to manage them once you've got them.

Saleen Flickr Downloader allows one-click downloads from www. flickr. com. The program can automatically download the best available quality for a picture on Flickr.

The program allows you to define your preferred image quality (original, large, medium). It can also save protected images that are placed below the transparent "spaceball" area.

Saleen Flickr Downloader


Saleen Flickr Downloader 1.0.013

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